Sunday, February 2, 2014

The handyman's personal private space


As you probably have noticed most of my posts are about my almost forty, bald and handsome husband, The Handyman.  This one is no different, since he keeps giving me stuff to write about.

The other night The Handyman and I were watching Man Caves on DIY Network.  I see these shows, because I find them very educational.  They feed the handywoman in me (so not true, there is no handywoman in me, just ask my husband).  There is a list of projects I want to tackle soon (soon as in someday, there is no rush) just because I now know I can (no I don't, but I might try).

So as we are watching, my husband is telling me about the man cave HE wants, he wants a medieval theme.  Here is a list of the items he has requested over the years, inside the () you'll see what I think to myself every time he mentions them.

Dark floors- (it should probably be stone. I don't think Kevin Costner, I mean Robin Hood had hard wood floors or tiles back then).

Black leather reclining furniture- (Sure, in this weather with mosquitoes.  I can see the headlines 'Come meet The Fly'.  Come see me when your ass sticks to the furniture and you have wings).

Popcorn maker- (You only like my kettle corn and I will NOT make every time).

Nachos machine- (Seriously, did you see a Nacho maker in Robin Hood?).

Mini fridge- (Can't you just walk to the kitchen and get soda.  And while I am at it, how much soda can you drink, really?).

72 inch TV hidden in a mirror- (What, forty-six isn't big enough?  A mirror?  Sure, let's put it up.  We'll watch it from across the street,  Hey, can we watch Robin Hood or Dirty Dancing?).

PS3- (Thank God you have it already, don't think Robing Hood did though).

Whatever new war game is trending at the moment- (Very educational.  You probably need the man cave so BamBam doesn't get exposed to them).

Light fixtures- (It is already installed in the wall, easy).

Pool Table- (You play pool?  Where do we put it?).

Gray walls- (Listen Count Dracula, dark floors, black furniture and gray walls?  You are pushing it).

My answer to his requests..."Don't you worry honey bunny, I'll go to the money giving tree in the backyard and build a second floor to the house so we can make you a man cave." (I never say this, I just nod).

So there we are.  Sitting on the bed talking about the possibilities (he's talking, I'm trying to watch the show).  All people involved in the project talk a little bit during the interview and out comes the wife of the man the are doing the man cave for.  She says something to the effect of being in favor of a man having a personal private space where they can do as they please and not bother or be bothered.  So my husband looks at me and asks me " Well, what do you have to say about that?", and I turn to him and answered "Babe, you already have that." He " Really, where?"  Me "The Bathroom".  He cracks up, obviously not expecting that answer.  To which time I said " Honey, when you close that door you have your own private space, where the baby and I (well, not the baby), at least I don't bother you and you can take as long as you want without bothering me.  So you do have a man cave.''

We finished watching the show.  The man cave was absolutely beautiful.  Then he says "Are you gonna blog about this?"  Guess he'll find out tonight.

What is your position on man caves? Share your thoughts.

Make it a great day.