Monday, October 6, 2014

86 days to go and two hundred WHAT???

I finally got to the mall today.  Visited one of those stores with vitamins because they have this scale that measures everything for a dollar.  Cheap right?

Oh! before I forget I found a picture of my Rocco.  He is the one sitting down, the one laying down is lazy Toby.  This was taken on a bath day a couple months ago.  Wasn't he cute???

Ok.  Stop deviating from the subject.

Like I told you last Saturday on my resolutions post Countdown to 2015... 88 days, last time I weighed myself was about a year ago and I was around 267 pounds.  So today after a few inconveniences I got myself to the mall very proudly and ready because ''there is no way I can go any higher, right?"  WRONG!!!!  I got the evidence to prove that I did go higher.  I almost had a panic attack.

"This is what happens when you keep stuffing you face at night.  What are you going to do and xmas is around the corner.  And you have a baby.  You are actually carrying another person with you at all times.  This has to come to an end."  All this thoughts came to my head as soon as I read the results.  In case the picture isn't clear enough I will break it down for you.  It states the following:

On 10/06/2014 @ 14:37

Weight:            277.1 lbs.
Height:             5' 6.8''

BMI:                43

Less than 19:   Underweight
19-25:              Normal
Over 25:          Overweight

Ideal weight for a BMI 19-25 is:

121.0 lbs. to 159.2 lbs.

Fat percentage:  41%
Fat mass:           113.5 lbs.
Age:                   30 yrs.

Recommended fat percentages

Excellent:           19.7%
Good:                 22.7%
Regular:             26.4%
Bad:                   30.5%

Contact info for the machine company

So, where do I begin?  I NEED HELP!!!  That's pretty obvious.  To be on the higher end of the suggested ideal weight I need to lose 117.9 lbs.  I mean, are you kidding me?  How did I ever let it get this bad it's beyond me.  But this is no time for self-pity.  This is a time for action.

I will not wallow on this.  I am totally responsible for stuffing my face whether it is emotional anxiety or just plain boredom.  Freaking cooking shows.  I don't know if you relate, but when I see something good in a cooking show, I immediately want to go into the kitchen to prepare it... remember the late night fried pickle binge???  I do, they were awesome and now I am carrying it in my thighs.

I mean I have always struggled with weight, but this s unacceptable.  I am not comfortable in my skin anymore.  I don't know how but immediate action is required and I am starting tomorrow. 

I am entirely open for suggestions and I would love for you to share your story.  Us women need to support each other.  One this is certain this is one instance where the saying can go "There is no other way to go but DOWN!!!"

Hope to hear from you.  Till then...

Make it a great day.