Sunday, February 22, 2015

Help!!!, I am stuck

 So, 500 words per day.
Isn’t this way to many words to write in one sitting?  I mean if you type as slow as I do, it might take you all day just to accomplish this.  Should have paid more attention to computer class in high school.  It is officially midnight as I am trying to do this.  No particular subject, just trying to accomplish 500 words in this Sunday morning.  Early Sunday morning, Way too early Sunday morning I should say.  I should probably be in bed, yet here I am browsing for writing ideas for the blog in Pinterest and this is what I came across.  Write 500 words per day.  So am I suppose to put everything else on hold while I tackle this seemingly long assignment.  Because I need to write, I am always writing things in that little notebook I carry with me everywhere, yet I haven’t had a good post idea in a while.  Still 5 hundred words seems like a lot and  I chose to write this rambling in Word to sell if it can be done and it looks like seven minutes in I have typed 195 words of nonsense.  
Sorry, went to look for the calculator and did the math.  That’s 27.85 words per minute. I have no idea if this is good speed or flat out super slow speed, but according to my math (and I really suck at it) it will take me approximately 17.93 minutes to accomplish this task.  Again I don’t know if the math is correct but I think I can spare seventeen minutes of my very early Sunday morning.  I wondered if this counts as an excuse to sleep in later.
288 words eleven minutes in.  Okay I have written posts before.  They usually take some very long time to put together but I have never indeed tried to time How long they actually take or how many words I actually write.  But judging by the 333 in the bottom of the screen, I believe it’s more than that.  346 in 14 minutes.  I think this is doable.  Because I keep putting writing off for lack of time.  Dealing with a 4 year old trying to get my shit together and go back to school, maybe get a job.  I am fighting very hard to be independent person.  So, blogging keeps getting postponed, although I write every day, in the journal or the notebook or whenever an idea hits me.
So how do I go about this?
How do I gather the strength to rise up early in the morning and be the person I know I can be and also sit down to write?
Should I trade morning YOGA for blogging? 
So, 500 words per day.  At 20 minutes I am at 470.  So, thirty more words and I can go to bed.  I think this is an attainable goal.  I can restart small and maybe later on break writing into small  20 minutes shifts,  I guess.
Tomorrow (actually later on today), seems like a good day to start.  Just have to find my muse. 
I am closing with 527 words at 12:25 a.m. Sunday morning.  Eight minutes longer that expected but good enough to me. 

Good night!!!