Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars 2015

As I am starting this post thinking about my first five hundred words of the week, I decided that I will dedicate it to what else… The Oscars.  Not the whole show, but on some specific moments that I just loved and that really touched me to the point of tears. 

Now I will surely watch The Gran Budapest Hotel, one because I love Ralph Fiennes ever since The English Patient, two because it seem to be favored last night.  I feel so stupid because a couple weeks back Daddy was watching the fil The Imitation Game and I found I wasn’t really into it.  Now I will probably sit down through the whole thing.  Loved JK Simmons’ acceptance speech for Whiplash.  I am so very lucky o have my parents and grandparents with me.  I talk to them on a daily basis a few times a day.  Patricia Arquette acceptance speech I loved as well.  Now Best Actress Julianne Moore, Still Alice, loved her acceptance speech and her interview on the Red Carpet, bringing awareness over Alzheimer’s. 

Tim McGraw performing Glenn Campbell’s I’m Not Gonna Miss You… WOW!!!  WOW!!! Now, there is one specific moment that really touched me and made me cry like a baby.  Now this post I will be writing in Spanish as soon as I finish this one and this is why.   I love someone who has this terrible, terrible disease.  It is a very hard process, especially when they don’t know you anymore.  You see I am the first grandchild of eleven.  So I have spent more time with my abuelos than any of my cousins.  And now he doesn’t know who I am, who any of us are.  This song is a truly beautiful gift.

Last but not least…  Lady Gaga.  Are you kidding me???  Why is this girl with such a beautiful voice not on Broadway or the Opera?  And then performing the songs of Froilan Maria in The Sound of Music, my favorite movie ever (my mom’s fault because she made me watch it all the time) with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummet.  Hey, I am only thirty.  And then Julie Andrews comes out from back stage.  I almost died.  THAT was an amazing moment. 

It had been years since I had watched The Oscars.  But it was totally worth to go to bed at 1am and get up at 5:45am.  Thank you to The Academy for entertaining us with such a spectacular show.  Neil Patrick Harris, my Doogie Howser, spot on.  Every actor who won deserved it, I had other favorites and they are winners in my heart.   Looking forward to next year’s show, The Academy has the job cut out for them.

 Only one thing to say…

Thank you actors for making us look forward to movie night.