Friday, July 3, 2015

Sorry for the absence


I have been missing for a while there.  Some of you already know about my abuelo and our battle with Alzheimer's Disease.  Between lending a hand to my abuela, helping her with him and around the house, and taking my son to his speech and occupational therapies, taking care of the house and trying to make some extra money I am, in a word, EXHAUSTED!!!  So you can imagine that when I finally make it to the house, the last ting on my mind is having to sit in the computer. 

Nonetheless, I miss writing.  And I am constantly writing post ideas in my notebook and I have written a couple of drafts that will be coming your way pretty soon.  Things have been very chaotic around here lately; but I finally have an office space.  Well, not quite.  I have a desk and the computer in on it, and I have a chair so I can sit down to write, and it is located in the dungeon of the house.  That is the one room where everything is stashed away and when we close the door we tend to forget it exists...hence the dungeon.  That is where my office is.  Still trying to really turn the space into a home office.

Another reason to celebrate is that I have been freelancing.  Writing has always been a therapy for me and now it is also helping me pay the bills, which is awesome.  How often do you get to do something you like and make money while doing it.   I am very thrilled because I can add freelance writer next to stay-at-home-mom in the occupation line of any application.  So, if you need some documents translation, or transcribing, rewriting papers for school, work or anything in between I am your girl.

During this absence I have also been struggling with going back to school, which I will be doing, God willing,  this fall to finish my bachelor's in Education and hopefully next school year I will be opening my own daycare center.  This last one is near and dear to my heart because I always wanted to homeschool and I could not, and one day I realized that I could put all this passion I have for teaching and turn it into a business that will give children the tools to thrive during their fist years and help them transition into primary school.

Now I am working on obtaining my CDA Credential.  I am so excited, I ordered the book this morning, and I will be blogging on that as well as uploading the other posts I have already started.

Also I am thinking of changing the name of this blog, looking for a more catchy name.  Still not sure.

Until next time,