Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vanilla Orange Pancakes


This morning I got up early to my dogs barking like crazy at 6 in the morning.  I went to check and it turns out my puppy, Pepper, had gotten out of the backyard and was running up and down the street.  Afterwards, I could not go back to sleep; I got dressed and went to abuela’s house for coffee and breakfast.  I took her to the supermarket.  Did her hair and came home.

Daddy and Gabo had woken up already and were watching TEC the Tractor when I walked into the room and asked what they wanted for breakfast.  Gabo’s eyes lit up and he said “Pancakes”.  It has been a while since I have made pancakes, although recently I took to making Belgian Waffles, pancakes I seldom make.  Only for special Sundays, mostly because I am trying to limit the amount of gluten my son consumes.

I went to the kitchen to make pancakes for my Gabo and Daddy.  I opened the cupboard and took out the pancake mix, and I saw a bag of ground flax seeds, I grabbed the vanilla extract and behind was the orange extract and I remember I had lemons in the fridge.  I also grabbed the cinnamon, just because I add it to everything.

Orange Vanilla Pancakes

1½ cup Krusteaz Pancake Mix

1 cup whole milk

2 tsps. vanilla extract

1 tbsp. ground flax seeds

1 tsp orange extract

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp. coconut oil


The recipe in the bag calls for just pancake mix and water.  I believe that if cannot make it from scratch, make store-bought mixes and make them better.  I substituted milk for the water and added all the other ingredients in a bowl and mixed with a fork until they came together.

I had a pre-heated pan and sprayed it with non-stick spray and pour 1/3 cup of the batter per pancake, we like them medium sized. I cooked them until they are a deep golden color and flipped them.

This recipe yielded 6 pancakes.  Daddy had 4, Gabo had 2 and I had 1. It was delicious, even they noticed something was different and they gobbled them down.  Gabo asked if we were having pancakes again for breakfast tomorrow.

Until next time,